Pieter Louis Erasmus

Born in Pretoria, South Africa In 1970

In 1995 after finishing a degree in fine arts and painting. Pieter moved to London. In 1996, he started working at Erickson Beamon; a leading costume jewellery house based in Belgravia, London.

Pieter started as part of the production team and in the seven years that he spent there he worked his way up to become a design assistant to the owner and

At her side Pieter created one-off items for catwalk shows for many designers including, Dries van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Glvency,Rlfat Ozbek, Antonio Berarrdi, Roberto Cavaill, Elspeth Glbson and Mathew Willamson.

Pieter also worked on the design and production for accessories for Agent Provocateur by Erickson Beamon.

On Return from a holiday in Rome Vicky Sarge said that everywhere she’d been she had seen depictions of Saint Erasmus and that if Pieter ever started his own business that should be the name; In 2002 St Erasmus was born.

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